mardi 13 janvier 2009

BUFFET LIBRE - Back to the future

If you were born in the 80s, then you must know Doctor Brown. Well you should know Buffetlibre too.

They landed about a trimester ago with their project "REWIND" and unset all our musical and temporary landmarks :

Madonna, Captain Sensible, Eddy Murphy among others ... all our classics, all the videoclips featuring gym suits and Reebok Pump are remixed, redone, modernized to fulfill the desire of a needy electro scene, 20 years after.

Dragonette, Lismore, Trash Yourself, Does It Offend You Yeah? and many others are partners in crime.

In other words : Rewind is the top of the 80s, remade by the top 00s. And all for free, yes sir, you heard it.

Since good things last, at least with the Mickey Club, Rewind comes back ... on the 01.01.09. We already know, you will in your bed (or her bed), in the bathroom, puking or suited up, but we couldn't let you pass through this.

We give you away the apetizer cooked by Little Boots, a delightful remix of Freddie Mercury.

Little Boots - Love Kills (Buffetlibre vs. Sidechains remix) (Original by Freddie Mercury)

Download it, listen to it, dance to it, and wisely wait for 2009 to come by. And to make sure you don't miss out on the rendez-vous, check out the complet list of the next musical terrorist that will be involved :

Au Revoir Simone, Bonde Do Role, Goodbooks, Amiina, Headlights, Little Boots, Whitey, Starfucker, Buffetlibre, Sidechains, Electric Youth, The Requesters, The Young Punx, Malente, AC Slater, Sohodolls, Sportsday Megaphone, The Ruby Suns, Miami Horror, Revolte, Robbers On High Street, Mendetz, Facteur, Justin Faust, Aleks And The Drummer, CFCF, The Glass, Codebreaker, Mojib, DVAS, Project Jenny Project Jan, Love Motel, Pin Me Down Redux, Heads We Dance, Little Pictures, Redial, We Have Band, Division Kent, Man Like Me, Cobra Dukes, Division Day, Grafton Primary, Tender Forever, Ultraviolet vs Electric Valentine, Freezepop, Giko, Super Mal, LAZRtag, Parker Lewis, Kah, 1984, We Were The States, Absent F, The Old Believers, Beau Jennings, Josh & Anand, Saar & Sky, Bikini, Deltawave, Phantom's Revenge, Matt Keating, FLOU , CatComplex, Setting Sun, Diamond Cut, Youth Attack, Nightwaves, The Amplid, Hidrogenesse, Charlie ASH, The Model, Fight Bite, Canadians & Cherielynn Westrich, The Mocks, Computer Club, Schnitzer, Bling Crosby, Dolby Anol, La Chansons, Chin Chin, Gun'n Rose, The E.L.F., Evarial, Baron Von Luxxury, Club 84, The Picture, TMX, Jools MF, Melnyk feat Sara Berg, Japanese Motors, The Procession, David Swinburn, The Botticellis, Jools MF, Fisk, Toilet Disco, Telonius, The Boat People, Romanoff, Cruel Black Dove

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